Flourishing, in the Field and in the Family Creating the right terrain in Vietnam for businesses to grow Launching Ceremony of Vietnam’s  2017 Provincial Competitiveness Index
  • Mr. Peter R. Ryder

    CEO, Indochina Capital Corporation. The chairman of the Amcham in Hanoi from 1999 to 2001 and served as a board member from 1995 to 2005

    AmCham values the PCI because it provides important insights into the quality of labor, infrastructure, transparency, corruption and other key indicators that help our members make informed business decisions about investing in Vietnam. 

  • Mr. Vu Dai Thang

    Vice Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ha Nam  Province

    “Without PCI, efforts to improve the business environment of the country in general and provinces in particular will still be made. It is, however, very likely that business satisfaction as a measure of success in local economic governance may have not become one of the most important criteria in such efforts like today. This is the driver for administrative procedure reforms at local governments.”  

  • Mr. Le Minh Hoan

    Secretary of the Party Committee of Dong Thap province

    “It is worthy to consider PCI as a "thermometer" measuring businesses’ attitudes toward local governments, which, in turn, serves as a basis for the governments to "prescribe” and know how to use the right “medication” for any “fever” that needs treatment, in other words, to find the right solutions to improve weaknesses in governance, in order to have a healthy business and investment environment.”   

  • Mr. Nguyen The Thao

    Former Chairman of Hanoi People’s Committee

     "... Improving the investment environment, providing support for enterprises to do business is one of top priorities of action for Ha Noi city. Improving PCI is considered one of key and regular tasks for Ha Noi government this year and the years to come…"

  • Fiona Louise Lappin

    Head of Department for International Development (DFID) in Vietnam

    “As leader donor on anti-corruption, the UK uses the Provincial Competitiveness Index data to help inform policy dialogue and policy makers respond positively. PCI forms a bed rock of data for what we know about the challenges that corruption poses to business. It is an invaluable survey which gives, over time, strong evidence of provincial performance against critical parameters that affect how firms and enterprises can do business.”

  • Victoria Kwakwa

    World Bank’s Country Director in Viet Nam

    “The Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) marks an important milestone in VCCI’s efforts to improve the Vietnam’s business environment ... contributing to enhancing transparency and competitiveness, pushing local governments to create an enabling and level-playing business environment to attract domestic and foreign investment. Such efforts are highly appreciated by international donors in Viet Nam "

  • Dr. Neil McCulloch

    Director for Economic Policy, Oxford Policy Management, United Kingdom

    “The single best sub-national governance index in the world”

  • Melissa Dell

    Associate Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, Harvard University, USA

    "PCI has allowed us to compare business perceptions of a broad set of governance issues in places with very different political histories, providing a detailed snapshot of subnational governance that is simply not available for most other parts of the world. It is incredibly rare
    to find such a rich dataset on governance that is also useful for doing statistical analysis at a sub-national level."

  • Seema Jayachandran

    Economist, Northwestern University, USA

    “The PCI's data on how firms interact with government enabled us to produce our research study. No other data source has such rich information on firm-government relations.“

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